Milkyway above the La Sals

by Tyler Burg on August 26, 2015

Milkyway as seen from Warner Lake in the La Sal Mountains of eastern Utah. This was one of the few nights on our trip that skies were clear at night. This is also my first go at post processing a milkyway image.

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South Arapaho and Bear Peak

by Tyler Burg on August 20, 2015

On Monday I summited South Arapaho Peak (13,398ft) in the indian peaks wilderness. It was a pretty awesome hike, I only ran into people while on the way down! Elizabeth and I also climbed up to Bear Peak in the flatirons above Boulder last night for sunset and descended via headlamps! it was a blast. I may put together some photos from South Arapaho later, but here's a photo from the top of Bear Peak looking North/North/East towards Boulder.

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Centennial Cone Park (summit)

by Tyler Burg on August 12, 2015

While waiting to hear back from a few jobs I've applied for in Denver, I woke up with Elizabeth at 6 a.m. (she left for work at 6:30 a.m.), had some coffee and looked on the web to find a hike. After finding a park about 30 minutes away, I left the apartment. Arrived at Centennial Cone Park at 8:20 a.m. and struggled to get my new trail running gaiters over my hiking boots. Originally I had bought some hiking gaiters, but I didn't look at the size (which was small, and I needed a large), so I had to return/exchange them. Every store I went to was out of them during our long road trip. They were out of them again in Colorado Springs, so I just exchanged them for some similar trail running gaiters. So far they work great!

Just a disclaimer here, most of these photos were taken with my phone. Next time I'll try not to be as lazy and take photos with my DSLR. Here's a view from the trail looking at centennial cone (center). The summit is 8,679 feet and the trailhead is at about 7,700 feet, so it's nearly 1,000 feet of elevation gain.

The trail is a double track/maintenance road loop around the whole park. There is no actual trail to the summit, so I had to bushwack my way to the top. Here are a few more photos of the trail.

The above photo is actually looking back to centennial cone from the northwest. I went straight up from this point to the summit. Along the way, I came across what I think is an elk skeleton. At the trailhead there are signs that mention bears and mountain lions live in the area. Seems like a mountain lion or two are at work in this park, as I saw more bones on my trek down from the summit.

It was a pretty steep slope once I got off the trail. I'm still don't have my extra Colorado red blood cells yet, since we've only been here for 5 days now, so it took me a little longer than it should to get to the top. It was 2.1 miles one way to the summit and it took me about 55 minutes. Here's a photosphere from the summit.

I didn't see anyone on the hike minus a couple mountain bikers near the trailhead, which was awesome. From the top I had a great view of some fourteeners to the west, and Mount Evans to the southwest. To the east you could see the Denver skyline in the smog. I did take a couple photos with the DSLR at the top. Here's one of the smoggy skyline.

After I got back at 10:30 a.m., I started to drive towards Mount Evans to hike to the chicago lakes. Had to sit and wait for a pilot car for about 30 minutes near Idaho Springs, only to realize when I finally did get up near the trailhead that I didn't bring enough water to do another hike. So I drove back home via 103 and scoped out some great locations for night photography. Still not sure if I'll be able to stay awake for the perseids tonight since I was up so early.

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